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Short Story About Psychphoenix®

Ms Kumud Singh

Psychphoenix®-Psychological Services & Training Institute
Founder :MS Kumud Singh
Ms Kumud Singh has been active in psychology field since past 8 years to present and holds an M.A. in Clinical Psychology & M.A. in Counselling Psychology degree. She has her own private clinic, has worked in Hospitals, Schools & NGO's. She has been psychology lecturer in colleges and has conducted number of workshops in school, colleges, NGO's and hospitals on metal health topics across Mumbai and Pune.
Psychphoenix is created with an intention to expand the awareness in relation to learning all aspects of Psychology with a refreshing & humanitarian approach.


Psychological Services & Training  Institute

Certificate Training Workshop / Course in Psychological disorders / Psychological Testing & Assessments and Counseling Skills and Psychotherapies

It has been mindfully design and aims at providing a comprehensive understanding of psychological disorder as well as how psychotherapies and psychological testing and assessments can be applied on it and the counselling  skills required for success.

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